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cover-black-swamp-soldiersBlack Swamp Soldiers: Henry Township Men in the Civil War

By Tom Boltz

Henry Township provided 30 soldiers to the Union Army during the Civil War. This publication lists these men and describes their service and several historical events in which they participated.

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Cover of North Baltimore's Great Fire of 1891

North Baltimore’s Great Fire of 1891

By By Tom Boltz

On the night of October 30, 1891, in the space of three hours, much of the Main Street business district of North Baltimore, Ohio, was destroyed by fire. This is the story of the fire and how it affected the town.

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Cover of North Baltimore and Its Neighbors

North Baltimore and Its Neighbors

By Tom Boltz

This pictorial history includes over 200 photographs of North Baltimore and surrounding Henry Township from the early 19th Century to 1960. Historical photographs of the neighboring towns of Cygnet, Jerry City, Galatea, Hoytville, Hammansburg, Rudolph, several vanished villages are also included.

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Cover of Southern Wood County Oral History Project

Southern Wood County Oral History Project

By Joseph J. Arpad

This publication contains the transcripts of 163 oral interviews with “old timers” who remembered the “Oil Boom Era” of the late 19th Century and life in southern Wood County in the early 20th Century. These interviews were obtained during an oral history project between 1965 and 1970. The interviews provide many details of the daily life of oil field workers and their families, farm families, and the residents of the many small towns of southern Wood County during this period.

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