What’s in a Picture?

Main Street North Baltimore

One way to make a historical photograph come alive is to research the people and objects captured in it. Today, computers and the Internet make research much easier for a historian, although a lot of time must still be spent looking at old newspapers, history books, documents, and other old…

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Help Save Historical Photographs From Destruction

Railroad station

Old photos such as the one above are extremely useful to historians, building preservationists, genealogists, and others researchers. What may seem at first glance to be just another family photo may actually have significant local historical value. Photos provide information about individuals, human activities, landscapes, buildings, and events that frequently…

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Vanished North Baltimore

Looking north toward the commercial area, an unknown photographer took this circa 1905 winter scene of North Baltimore’s South Main Street near the corner of East Water and South Main Streets. An unidentified young girl is standing in the front yard of a house on the Main Street’s east side.…

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