1876 New Baltimore Enterprise Newspaper Donated to the North Baltimore Ohio Area Historical Society

Sam Bretz & Donna Davis

Donna Davis and Sam Bretz, Historical Society volunteer, holding the 1876 New Baltimore Enterprise newspaper

The North Baltimore Ohio Area Historical Society (NBOAHS) recently obtained a valuable addition to its archives when Donna Davis donated several very old local newspapers, most notably including a Thursday, October 5, 1876 copy of the New Baltimore Enterprise. The NBOAHS has only one other copy of the New Baltimore Enterprise, and it is unknown if there are any other existing issues. The donated newspapers contain local business ads, references to early residents and their daily lives, and other information on the village’s early history. Included are several issues of the North Baltimore Beacon and the North Baltimore Times.

Donna, who has lived most of her life in the Hammansburg and North Baltimore area, recently found the newspapers in a box in her garage. Her family has lived in the North Baltimore area for generations and likely purchased the papers when they were new. She believes that one of her grandparents saved them.

The New Baltimore Enterprise was North Baltimore’s first newspaper (the town’s name of North Baltimore instead of New Baltimore was not finally settled until the late 1870s). B. L. Peters, D. E. Peters, and a man known only as Wiseman founded the paper in 1875, and it was published until 1878.

1876 Enterprise Ad

This ad appeared in the 1876 Enterprise. The New Baltimore House hotel was located at the intersection of East State and South Main Streets.

Despite their age, the newspapers are in good condition. To protect and preserve them, the NBOAHS has placed them in an archival-quality storage box. In addition, the newspapers have been assigned an identification number and registered in the Historical Society’s PastPerfect computer data system along with information on their donor and provenance. NBOAHS volunteers will make digital images of the newspaper which will be available for viewing by researchers and other interested individuals.

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