Insuring Preservation of Your NB Historical Artifacts

You can help preserve the rich and colorful history of our local community by donating documents, photographs, and artifacts directly to the North Baltimore Ohio Area Historical Society (NBOAHS). The Society is dedicated to protecting and conserving all items that it receives. In addition, the Society maintains a detailed computerized record of each item that helps ensure that its meaning and location will not be lost in future years. Without such records, the usefulness of our collection would soon diminish as long-time volunteers move on and new ones take over.

When you donate an item, a Society officer will immediately fill out an Instrument of Gift form with the donor’s name, the physical description of the item, and its history. The donor is given a signed copy of the form for their records while the original is maintained by the Society. Although the Society will not make a monetary estimate of an item’s value, a donor may wish to use the Instrument of Gift form for income tax deduction purposes. (The NBOAHS is a Tax Exempt 501(3) (c) organization, so donations are tax-deductible.)

If you do not receive an Instrument of Gift form signed by a Society officer, you have no assurance that your donation will be recorded, protected, and displayed or otherwise made available to others. The Society is not responsible for donated items unless they are made directly to the Society and in accordance with the procedures described above.

We follow strict accountability procedures using our PastPerfect computer inventory system which assigns a unique identification number to each donated item. Donors will be asked about the item’s history and relevance to the North Baltimore area so that this information can be entered into the computerized record along with a physical description and the item’s location in the museum. Every effort is made to protect all items in the collection, including storage of documents and photos in archival quality storage containers that help diminish fading, damage, and deterioration.

Items donated directly to the Society are immediately available for use by researchers and other interested individuals.

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