1923: Hotel Baltimore is Demolished

hotel baltimore

The Hotel Baltimore, constructed of wood with a metal roof, as it looked, circa 1910

article "Hotel Being Razed"The North Baltimore Beacon‘s January 1, 1923 issue carried this news article on the demolition of the old Hotel Baltimore. The structure stood on the southeast corner of the intersection of South Main and East State (then named Railroad) Streets. The hotel was built in 1874. In the late 1890s, one of the hotel’s owners changed the name to the Pennsylvania House, but a subsequent owner renamed it the Hotel Baltimore.

The cheapest of North Baltimore’s three hotels in the early 1900s, the Hotel Baltimore catered to traveling salesmen and others seeking inexpensive lodging. The hotel also contained a restaurant and a bar which operated until the beginning of the Prohibition Era. Its barroom was the scene of frequent fights, and the town authorities did not mourn its closing. Today, the site is occupied by a Marathon gasoline station.

During the height of the Oil Boom (1886-1915), Hotel Baltimore was one of six hotels in operation in town. The others were the Central, Columbia House (Burke), and Cost hotels located on Main Street; the Green Hotel on North Second; and the Commercial Hotel on West Railroad Street. There may have been a seventh, the Star, but its location is unknown and it may have been another name for one of the other hotels. The Central Hotel, built in 1873, was the town’s first hotel. North Baltimore’s last operating hotel, the Columbia House, closed in the early 1930s. Although their facades were greatly altered in the late 1930s and 40s, both the Columbia House and Central Hotel buildings are still standing on North Main Street in 2013.

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