1908 Industrial Accident Damages Match Factory

Buckeye Match Factory

The Buckeye Match factory as it appeared, circa 1908

North Baltimore Beacon article

This article appeared in the February 28, 1908, edition of the North Baltimore Beacon. The $1,000 damage estimate would equal about $23,000 in 2012.

The Buckeye Match factory was located at 331 East Cherry Street in the early 1900s. Company offices were located in the white wooden building in the foreground. The two dark wooden buildings behind the office were warehouses built alongside the Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton (CH&D) railroad tracks.

The 12,000 gallon water tower was 24 feet above the roof of the three story brick factory building. The factory’s first floor was used for making the matches. Boxes of finished matches were placed on the second floor, and the third floor was used for storage.

The D. S. Brown Company has occupied the site since 1916, and the old CH&D rail bed is now the Slippery Elm Bike Trail. The two warehouses no longer exist, but the office building was later moved to 615 East Broadway and converted into a home. While the factory building’s third floor was eventually removed, the brick building remains intact at the original Cherry Street location, although it is now surrounded by newer structures.Buckeye Match box

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