1930s-Era Baltimore Hotel Register, Other Artifacts Donated to Society

Baltimore Hotel

North Baltimore, Ohio’s Baltimore Hotel

We have received so many wonderful artifacts from people in this community that I cannot mention them all. The North Baltimore Area Historical Society appreciates every one of them since they contribute to the preservation of North Baltimore and southern Wood County’s history.

George Thompson recently donated a very interesting early 1930s-era guest register from the Baltimore Hotel. The Baltimore Hotel once stood on the southeast corner of East State Street and South Main Street until it was demolished in the mid-1930s. Mr. Thompson was remodeling his office and discovered the book. It was our luck that he thought to donate to the museum this important piece of local history. He also donated another book, The Faces of Wood County, which is a late 19th Century publication on important business and political leaders in the county.

Barb Northrup donated two copies of an advertisement pamphlet from Sommer’s Drug Store, a late 19th and early 20th Century local North Baltimore drug store. The store was located at 117 North Main Street. H. M. Sommers, the owner/druggist, gave the pamphlet on how to make bread to his customers. The pamphlet also advertised the wonders of Vinol, a cod liver oil pill. According to the manufacturer, this patent medicine must have cured every ailment a person could possibly have.

Several different individuals have recently donated cookbooks to the museum. These books are very interesting because of their advertising. Equally noteworthy are the little tidbits of information people have written in the margins over the years. Mr. Gene Ebersole donated a very interesting family cookbook.

As soon as an individual donates an artifact or document to the museum, museum volunteers assign it a control number, record the donor’s name, and briefly describe its historical significance. These procedures are done to maintain accountability and to insure the security and preservation of the Society’s archives for the use of future generations. We use archival quality storage boxes and other materials to protect the items from damage.

We usually place new items on display for a short period of time after they have been catalogued. Because of our limited space, we cannot exhibit all of our historical artifacts at once. However, the Historical Society does try to rotate the collection over time thus allowing our members and guests the opportunity to view more of our historical documents and artifacts.

Once again we must thank Caprice Cheney for the lovely wreath that hangs on the Historical Center’s front porch. She is so gracious to change it with the seasons.

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