Vanished North Baltimore

Looking north toward the commercial area, an unknown photographer took this circa 1905 winter scene of North Baltimore’s South Main Street near the corner of East Water and South Main Streets. An unidentified young girl is standing in the front yard of a house on the Main Street’s east side.


Nearly all of the buildings in the photograph have been torn down in the past 100 years. In the photograph’s left background, the brick IOOF building at 122/124 on the west side of South Main Street lasted until the late 20th Century. The wooden commercial buildings to its south were gone by 1950. The wooden houses in the right foreground on South Main’s east side were all demolished by the late 1980s.

This historic photograph is from the archives of the North Baltimore, Ohio Area Historical Society. Copies of this and other local historic photographs can be obtained from the Society by calling 419-257-2266.

This article also appeared on NBExpress.

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